Morton’s toe

Are you an owner of ugly and long second toe? Well, after this post you will cancel that surgery appointment on cutting a phalanges off (the phalanges are the tiny bones that make up the fingers of the hand and toes of the foot). It wouldn’t help make your second toe look shorter though, because problem is not a phalanges but another bone. The one that is called metatarsal. It is shown yellow on the image.3D35A8E1-BB1E-4CCF-8ADC-35315563B0C4-2310-00000318E4D15E1F

You probably have short FIRST metatastal. So actually you have to say that you have short first toe, second toe is not a freak.


You won’t believe but this phenomenon has a name. It is called “Morton’s toe” or I prefer “Greek foot”, “Greek ” because in Ancient Greece people considered it to be beautiful, even maybe goddess-like. It was well used in Greek sculpture to show the beauty and intelligence. So if you appear to be walking in an art gallery, take a look at the statue and it’s feet. Most likely you will see “Greek foot”.


Wait to look at it with disgust and do not try to hide it! Even the Statue of Liberty has “Morton’s toe”. Probably the biggest in the world. At least on our planet. Who knows what happens in the other universe…

go and wear your sandals!! Opaa!🙆‍♂️


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