A telescope’s story

Every week I will post random stuff’s history. You are welcome to send me your ideas) So this week I will tell you about history of Telescope.

It’s not known for certain who was the inventor of the first telescope but there are rumors that Leonardo DaVinci tried to invent it in XVII century. However there are no evidences. Descartes on his famous work “dioptrique” claims that some random guy from Netherlands invented telescope in XVII century. Despite all this in 1608  Belgian scientist Hans Lippershey offered his own version of spyglass. This spyglass attracted attention of Galileo Galilee and he made his own version using lead pipe and two glass lenses. Galileo is not an inventor of telescope but he is the first one who made it on a scientific basis using known optic knowledge. He was the first person to see night skies through the telescope. He noticed the mountains and craters on the moon, saw that there were more stars in some constellations that we thought there were and of course the main thing he saw was Jupiter’s moons. Galileo noticed that Jupiter had few moons and he started observing them and noticed that they were actually orbiting their planet. That meant that our planet Earth could orbit the sun and that our universe wasn’t actually geocentric (with Earth at the center). But this is another topic. Galileo called his invention not Telescope but “Ocular”. One philologist renamed it to Telescope what in Greek means “look far”.

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Source: KaboomHistory


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