COSMOS (an exhibition)

“If stars are souls watching down upon the Earth, than we are never alone.

Through an understanding of Plato’s Cosmology, this body creates a new tale of the universe where characters become the stars (both metaphorically and literally) that build our world around us. With a combination of symmetry, disorder, nature, emotion, memory and movement, we can begin to develop our own stories, our own ideas and our own hopes on how we want our world to be created. We can look up at the sky, see our companion stars, and understand that there will always be another world waiting for us.”

“Campfire Gallery is pleased to present COSMOS, an exhibition of new paintings and mixed media work by Bunnie Reiss and Ricardo Vicente Jose Ruiz. Art can be a powerful means to reflect upon our place in the world, connecting personal journeys within the vast and mysterious universe we share. The individual series of work in this exhibition explore ideas of belonging and community using a visual language of symbols and figures that become conduits to our own stories. The balance and harmony in the compositions suggests both the potential for order and disorder in the systems we are a part of, illustrating their inherent strengths and underlying fragility.”


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