Medical Robots

Our world is rapidly developing around us and it is not a big surprise to see a surgical robot…well, actually for me it is a surprise. My sister sent me an article about a robot that makes stitches better than professional human surgeon. One of those robot experiments took place in Children’s National Medical Center in USA, they made a robot STAR. It can make stitches by itself with no human help. Robot uses computer sight, fluorescent markers and 3D cameras. According to images it gets it chooses the right technical program of stitching and gets it done with machine accuracy.

I think it is very good for people, because they will be more convinced on the operation’s quality since robots are gonna be more accurate. But on the other hand what will happen to human surgeons themselves? If imagine a world where human surgeons are old-style and robots make most of the surgical operations…well, for first it is kind of creepy to me because I think that there is a possibility that artificial intelligence can some day dominate over humanity. HA-HA. But everything can happen. I wouldn’t want to make even a step into the “humanless” hospital.

However, with people observing all this it seems pretty cool to be operated by a robot. It is easier, because neatly done surgical operation is achieved with big patience and a lot of practice for a human, plus huge amount of time since a human should study the theory to get to practice…when it takes only some time to calculate and make a surgical robot.

cool cool



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