Aloha! Yesterday was my day off ahaha so I didn’t post anything. Today you can expect few freshly new posts about science and something else. As you can remember I am reading the book “blogging” and there is a lot of really useful tips and advises. I recommend it if you want to start blogging. But from reading about all this I understood that blogging not that easy and it takes a lot of hard work, patience and of course knowledge. So as I am just a beginner I want to start very very slowly, start with small steps. So do not abandon my blog because it is slow or not developing. I am sure I will turn out some cool cucumber blogger in no time at all! Hahaha

I love you my cucumbers! (If anyone reads at all) ahahahaha

and just for showing off look at this huge lovely pile of books I am reading all at the same time! I just love it 😍  IMG_0250

And today we are making “sloppy joe”, check “food and recipes” tonight :))

Peace ✌️


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