Tips for travelling

Okay, so right now I am a traveller and I have some advices for you. I have had a long long days on the road and certainly will be ready fully for the next trip. So if you are going somewhere and got your luggage full check on your “to do” list. Do not forget to include there:

  1. Take a lot of food and beverages. You will certainly get hungry!
  2. It is better to have some extra clothes like socks or t-shirt so you are ready to change if you spill something, get dirty or just simply if you sweat.
  3. Do not forget to take antiperspirant because you won’t smell like a bunch of just collected roses. That’s for sure.
  4. Check the weather of the place where you are heading. You can put warm clothes on the top of your luggage if it is going to be cold there or vice versa.
  5. Napkins! Wet, dry, natural, not natural, just take napkins!

6.Take a travel pillow if you have one, it will make sleeping more comfortable.

If you are going to have a really long trip check my “yoga for travellers” post where you will find few easy poses while sitting and standing that will make you feel better and fresher like a cucumber.

peace āœŒļø



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