Blood falls

In 1911 year one Australian scientist Griffith Taylor discovered vivid red falls in a glacier named after him. This Taylor Glacier is 1.5 million years old and 54 kilometres wide. From this glacier red coloured water’s flowing onto the Lake Bonney.

It looks scary, like blood coming out from under the huge glacier. For first scientists thought it to be due to brine flowing through the glacier or it was thought to be cause of red algae. However, after 2003 it is said red colour came from oxidized iron most likely draining from a 5 million year old lake underneath the glacier. So iron oxide in reaction with salt water and air gives us the red colour. But how salty, blood-red water can flow from  dry old glacier to the waterfall in the region well known for its sub-zero temperatures? Well, the scientists from University of Alaska Fairbanks and Colorado College claim the get an answer. They say that it happens because water gives off heat when it undergoes the phase change from liquid to frozen. So under that glacier is an ancient lake with iron rich water. When the water flow out due to heat it undergoes it comes into contact with air and turns into a reddish brown shade or oxidizes (rusting) .



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