Aloha! Welcome to my blog! My name is Eve and I am a beginner blogger. I created this blog with purpose of studying and sharing new information with people. I like reading books, literally can read anything so I have decided that 80% of the information on my blog will be from the books and magazines, only 20% from other sources such as internet. I feel happy when I can share and discuss different topics, ideas and thoughts with readers. I would love to get your comments under the posts! The main topic of my blog is science and tech but occasionally I post something different: history, meditations, workout, art, nature, movies and books…I just write blog posts about everything from shoes to rockets. First thing you would want to do is go to Cool Cucumbers category and just get in the flow of what’s up and when there is gonna be another post. I hope you will like it! Since I am just a beginner and English is my second language I will get better and better with time so do not be too judgmental 🐰

Follow and enjoy my blog guys! Stay cool as a cucumber 🥒

peace ✌️


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