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First book to review will be 1q84. 1q84 is a huge book in 900 pages written by Haruki Murakami. His another famous works are “Norwegian Forest” and “Dance Dance Dance”. I finished this book in about three weeks but I was desperate because this novel is the weirdest novel I have read ever. Everything occurs in 1984 years in Japan. The story is about a girl and a guy who knew each other when they where kids and have met only twice. They kind of fell in love with each other. This girl, Aomame, works as a trainer in a gym, she is very good at stretching and knows every muscle in human body. So she is good, but that’s not it. She kills people. Ha-ha, spoiler here. Not actually, if you want to read this book, this fact that she kills people will be known from the first pages. One day she hears one classic song ( sinfonietta Janacek) and walks into the different world. Later on she renames the year 1984 to 1q84 ( 1 question84 because this world was out of ordinary) .This song, Janacek’s sinfonietta, will be present throughout  the book which I consider to be not cool since it just appears sometimes and nothing more. Okay, she is in a different world in which almost everything is the same except the small, even tiny things and the moon. The moonS correctly. Two moons up there at the night sky.
What about that guy? His name is Tomaru and he is a writer. Kind of writer. Somehow he is in that world with Aomame, but they haven’t been communicating for a very long time. The main question of the book is whether they will be able to meet each other and get out of this goddamn world. Well, you might say, this story is pretty obvious and nothing strange is going on. Yea, but this story actually involves tiny people who make air chrysalis. What??? Air chrysalis? What? Tiny people? Who are those people who come out of OMG goat’s mouth. what?

The book is written in very peculiar form: first chapter is about Aomame and the next chapter is about Tomaru. Two different people, two different lives. And the chapters are alternating to the end of the book. They meet each other at the end ( ha this is spoiler).

I wouldn’t recommend this book, only if you have plenty of time and nothing to do then go on and read. I will be glad to receive some of your comments. All this was…yea, it was certainly weird. So take a look at this images and try to understand what I mean.

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