Blood falls

In 1911 year one Australian scientist Griffith Taylor discovered vivid red falls in a glacier named after him. This Taylor Glacier is 1.5 million years old and 54 kilometres wide. From this glacier red coloured water’s flowing onto the Lake Bonney.

It looks scary, like blood coming out from under the huge glacier. For first scientists thought it to be due to brine flowing through the glacier or it was thought to be cause of red algae. However, after 2003 it is said red colour came from oxidized iron most likely draining from a 5 million year old lake underneath the glacier. So iron oxide in reaction with salt water and air gives us the red colour. But how salty, blood-red water can flow from  dry old glacier to the waterfall in the region well known for its sub-zero temperatures? Well, the scientists from University of Alaska Fairbanks and Colorado College claim the get an answer. They say that it happens because water gives off heat when it undergoes the phase change from liquid to frozen. So under that glacier is an ancient lake with iron rich water. When the water flow out due to heat it undergoes it comes into contact with air and turns into a reddish brown shade or oxidizes (rusting) .



COSMOS (an exhibition)

“If stars are souls watching down upon the Earth, than we are never alone.

Through an understanding of Plato’s Cosmology, this body creates a new tale of the universe where characters become the stars (both metaphorically and literally) that build our world around us. With a combination of symmetry, disorder, nature, emotion, memory and movement, we can begin to develop our own stories, our own ideas and our own hopes on how we want our world to be created. We can look up at the sky, see our companion stars, and understand that there will always be another world waiting for us.”

“Campfire Gallery is pleased to present COSMOS, an exhibition of new paintings and mixed media work by Bunnie Reiss and Ricardo Vicente Jose Ruiz. Art can be a powerful means to reflect upon our place in the world, connecting personal journeys within the vast and mysterious universe we share. The individual series of work in this exhibition explore ideas of belonging and community using a visual language of symbols and figures that become conduits to our own stories. The balance and harmony in the compositions suggests both the potential for order and disorder in the systems we are a part of, illustrating their inherent strengths and underlying fragility.”

Novus Ordo Seclorum

I think everyone has seen a pyramid with an engraved eye within or above it . This pyramid appears on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the US and on the 1 dollar bill since 1935. It was suggested to be an element of the Seal in 1782 but previous version was a little different from the one we’ve seen. Instead of unfinished thirteen step pyramid, the eye was above thirteen shields, which as in 13 step pyramid representing 13 stats of the Union. I like second version with pyramid because it kind of symbolizes future growth since pyramid isn’t finished. The motto which you can see above the eye “Annuit Coeptis” translates from Latin as “Providence approves our undertakings”. Also there is a note under the pyramid “Novus ordo seclorum” can be translated as “New order of the ages”.


There are lots of conspiracy theories about this pyramid with an eye. Many people associate it with freemasonry. They think masons might have been the founders of the United States. And indeed one of the actual founders was mason. It was Benjamin Franklin. But the eye pyramid was suggested by non-mason. However it is known that common masonic use of the eye was 14 years after the creation of the Great Seal which means there could be no masonic intervention. There is something else. You can draw an anagram with upside down triangle so you get a star like shown on the picture. The tips of this anagram spell MASON. Personally I do not believe in any conspiracy behind this sign. It just creepy styled art to me.

tim lahaye__dollar hexagram anagram

A telescope’s story

Every week I will post random stuff’s history. You are welcome to send me your ideas) So this week I will tell you about history of Telescope.

It’s not known for certain who was the inventor of the first telescope but there are rumors that Leonardo DaVinci tried to invent it in XVII century. However there are no evidences. Descartes on his famous work “dioptrique” claims that some random guy from Netherlands invented telescope in XVII century. Despite all this in 1608  Belgian scientist Hans Lippershey offered his own version of spyglass. This spyglass attracted attention of Galileo Galilee and he made his own version using lead pipe and two glass lenses. Galileo is not an inventor of telescope but he is the first one who made it on a scientific basis using known optic knowledge. He was the first person to see night skies through the telescope. He noticed the mountains and craters on the moon, saw that there were more stars in some constellations that we thought there were and of course the main thing he saw was Jupiter’s moons. Galileo noticed that Jupiter had few moons and he started observing them and noticed that they were actually orbiting their planet. That meant that our planet Earth could orbit the sun and that our universe wasn’t actually geocentric (with Earth at the center). But this is another topic. Galileo called his invention not Telescope but “Ocular”. One philologist renamed it to Telescope what in Greek means “look far”.

Peace ☼

Source: KaboomHistory

Morton’s toe

Are you an owner of ugly and long second toe? Well, after this post you will cancel that surgery appointment on cutting a phalanges off (the phalanges are the tiny bones that make up the fingers of the hand and toes of the foot). It wouldn’t help make your second toe look shorter though, because problem is not a phalanges but another bone. The one that is called metatarsal. It is shown yellow on the image.3D35A8E1-BB1E-4CCF-8ADC-35315563B0C4-2310-00000318E4D15E1F

You probably have short FIRST metatastal. So actually you have to say that you have short first toe, second toe is not a freak.


You won’t believe but this phenomenon has a name. It is called “Morton’s toe” or I prefer “Greek foot”, “Greek ” because in Ancient Greece people considered it to be beautiful, even maybe goddess-like. It was well used in Greek sculpture to show the beauty and intelligence. So if you appear to be walking in an art gallery, take a look at the statue and it’s feet. Most likely you will see “Greek foot”.


Wait to look at it with disgust and do not try to hide it! Even the Statue of Liberty has “Morton’s toe”. Probably the biggest in the world. At least on our planet. Who knows what happens in the other universe…

go and wear your sandals!! Opaa!🙆‍♂️

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