Do not worry, just remember that your happiness is the state of your mind. What you think about situation and how you react is what makes your mood. Just think positive and believe in good. “Good” is everywhere. One day you unhappy, another day you are happiest person in the world. Just do not worry and Be YoRsELf.

Peace 儭


Aloha!! I haven’t been making any posts for few days. Sorry! Right now I am pretty busy and have no idea when I’ll be able to post anything. Do not forget to visit my blog and wait for amazing news :3



Aloha! Yesterday was my day off ahaha so I didn’t post anything. Today you can expect few freshly new posts about science and something else. As you can remember I am reading the book “blogging” and there is a lot of really useful tips and advises. I recommend it if you want to start blogging. But from reading about all this I understood that blogging not that easy and it takes a lot of hard work, patience and of course knowledge. So as I am just a beginner I want to start very very slowly, start with small steps. So do not abandon my blog because it is slow or not developing. I am sure I will turn out some cool cucumber blogger in no time at all! Hahaha

I love you my cucumbers! (If anyone reads at all) ahahahaha

and just for showing off look at this huge lovely pile of books I am reading all at the same time! I just love it IMG_0250

And today we are making “sloppy joe”, check “food and recipes” tonight :))

Peace 儭

I just came from the library with two new books on spectrums and evolution of our universe. I am working on the post about black hole, kind of my favourite topic so wait for the great posts explosion, ha-ha

Yesterday I had a brain jump and have got an idea. I am making a group of volunteers to clean our streets. For now it is just an idea, hopefully few weeks later my plan will come true. I will post about it later saying what and where it will take place.

Peace 儭

Oh god guys I have problems with my blog because i can’t make it the way I want it. It makes me crazy, I hope this blog won’t become some kind of collection of crazy-man notes hahaha

I think I will just post my stuff here and won’t bother myself with the design. Maybe when I get used to it I will understand how to change my blog. Sorry for the inconvenience

I just completed few posts, the last one was very hard to make because it took all my brain power and I needed to make a lot of brakes while making this post. Well, I got my toes coloured by the time I finished. Today we are having a small party and I want to make some snacks, do not know yet what it will be but do not hesitate to visit “Food and Recipes” page tonight!

I really hope my blog will get fuller and more interesting for you. I have a bunch of ideas but not so much time to complete all of those ideas. Enjoy your time!

Peace 儭

So I just found out that new posts on science and technology won’t appear on the main page, you have to go to science and tech part of this blog through the menu. I will try to change it soon. So this new post is about standard model in particle physics and Higgs boson. I hope you like it )))


Yesterday I was busy with the blog’s design and had no time for making new posts. I didn’t even have time to read something myself! I have a huge pile of books next to my bed and i want to read them all and share interesting information with you. So today I am going to have few more posts about science and few posts on something funny. Coffee time!

Peace 儭

So this is my second day as a blogger. Feels very cool My boyfriend and I went to the library today and I took a book on blogging. It is good news for you since this book promises my posts will get more interesting and with proper grammar. Right now I am working on another post that I will post few hours later. Time for some coffee!


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