Icebergs arrive to Newfoundland, the “iceberg alley”.

Do you already have a picture with an iceberg? No? Then you would want to go to the “iceberg alley” which is in Canada, the area off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. Icebergs or ice mountains are large pieces of freshwater ice that have broken off a glacier. Each spring huge blocks of ice drift down from the arctic to Newfoundland. In 1922 famous Titanic sank near this place, after what US and 12 other countries have formed the International Ice Patrol. Using modern devices and helicopters Ice Patrol warn ships of icebergs in North Atlantic.

The “iceberg alley” is full of traffic on the roads because there are many tourists taking pictures and enjoying the view. It is actually very beautiful.Ā iceberg

It is known that icebergs show only a small part of their mass, the rest in hidden underwater.

Icebergs are huge chunks of ice, nevertheless they hold warmth within, so it takes a lot of time to melt. Most of those hulking ice mountains melt and disappear to the end of summer. Those ones that just arrived are bigger, so it would take them more time to melt, scientists say.


Dark Sky Island Or the best place for stargazing.

I love stars and stargazing and I just found outĀ a lovely place for all star-lovers. It is an island named Sark. In January 2011 an organization from US called the International Dark Sky Association or IDA announced this island as the first dark sky island in the world. You might consider this place to be the weirdest place after reading about it.

This Sark island is located in the Channel Islands in the Southwestern English Channel, off the coast of Normandy, France.

1BD52854-6DB1-4503-B260-80D1180D1DC3-2427-0000032A7F02B955It is only three miles long and one mile wide. It was a feudal state until 2008 (feudalism- political, economical and social system in Medieval Europe from 9th to 15th century. There was some person farming a piece of land for a lord and agreeing to serve in war in exchange for getting to live there, this island was one of those places). Actually it was the longest-running feudal state in the world.

The nights on this island are so dark you can see all of constellation, stars, meteors flying and even the whole Milky Way. Just imagine this paradise for a stargazer!


There are no street lights, locals exchanged them for a head torch. Population here is 600. They are like a huge family. All cars are banned from the island and the only vehicles they have are the tractors! Tractor buses transportĀ people from the harbour to the hilltop very fast I guess. They even have tractor ambulance and tractors for firefighters. It all looks like a ridiculous child’s play to me.

Sark Astronomy Society or SatroS had been collecting money and raising funds to build an observatory. It should be open by now. I certainly put this place on the “places to visit” list. Sarkiens wait for me!Ā 015C08ED-06E7-474D-9A67-8CFDA7C315BE-2427-00000331182DFF9A


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